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How to mobilize bulk shoe-lasts from storage to production?

Written by OPUS on 24 May, 2021
Running a shoe assembly line requires 300-500 pairs of shoe lasts to have a proper size run cycle. Storing and mobilizing shoe-lasts is something most of us would not consider much when thinking about footwear production. But it’s pretty heavy, bulky and not easy to handle in mass volume, while an indispensable tool for each footwear manufacturer.
Each brand has many different shoe-lasts for different footwear categories and styles. Shoe last for man or woman have an average weight of 2-3 kg a pair, depending on the style. All together, shoe lasts for production requires a lot of manual labour, in moving them around between storage and production assembly line.
We came with a creative and practical idea that enables us to move our lasts around quickly and easily.
Jamie Roy, our supply chain manager, explains in this video how we manage our lasts in a custom-made wheeled rack.
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